Koyo Hara

Lives & works in Paris, France

Graduated from the ENSBA of Paris


Koyo Hara is playing with Abstract Expressionism’s codes while deconstructing them. The obsession with the medium’s purity, the mysticism of painting (as an object) and the matter of the sublime permeate his work. Sometimes destruction or disappearance is not so far off, coming with the underlying temptation of monochrome.

The basis of his work is the possibility of generating painting from protocols, which may be sophisticated or not, displacements, screenings, distance managed from an original image (automatic personal drawing or memory of a detail from a historical painting). It leads to showing fragments from the unconscious, flux transcription, the infinite.


His works have been exhibited on multiple occasions in various institutional and private spaces, and belong to major collections.





Solo show: Elysée Mermoz - Art ensuite, Paris, 2012 / Le Vestibule, La Maison Rouge - Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris, 2008 / Peintures, Maison dʼArt Contemporain de Chailloux, Fresnes, 2007 / Project room, Galerie du Jour agnès b, Paris, 2007 Group showA kind of blue, Multiples Un, Paris, 2017 / Going under, Galerie Maubert, Paris, 2016 / Le Mur, La Maison Rouge - Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris, 2014 / Et la Peinture... ?, Galerie du Jour agnès b, Paris, 2012 / A promise of change, Ecole dʼart Gérard Jacot, Belfort, 2012 / Au milieu des choses, Diffraction A.P., Montreuil, 2012 / Music Covers !, Point éphémère, Paris, 2011 / Recadrage : Souami & Hara, Diffraction A.P., Montreuil, 2011 / Deux au Carré : Koyo Hara - Gabriel Coignet, Carré Ste Anne, Montpellier, 2007 / Les rendez-vous du quai, Ecole dʼart Gérard Jacot, Belfort, 2007 / Galerie du Jour agnès b, Paris, 2006 / Les rendez-vous du quai, Galerie des Grands Bains-Douches de la Plaine, Marseille / Abstractions, Galerie du Rutebeuf, Clichy, 2005 / Novembre à Vitry, 2005 Prices: Prix Fénéon laureate, Paris, 1997 / National price SBS European contest of painting, London, 1995